people say i'm well spoken.

these are my opinions.

my opinion is my opinion. so you, my dear reader, can understand my sense of humor, agree, and enjoy, or disagree and assume i'm a regular teenager with a sass problem. I do hope you choose to enjoy.

and I don't have a sass problem.

Monday, December 17, 2012

the abbey bookshop

" This bookshop is like 5 minutes away from Shakespeare & Co., but not too many people know about it apparently because while Shakespeare & Co. is completely overrun most of the time, this bookshop isn’t. It’s run by a Canadian guy & they will almost always offer you tea or coffee while browsing, which is lovely. The people there are super friendly & speak both English and French, so don’t hesitate to ask for anything. It’s a really nice alternative to Shakespeare & Co. if you’re looking for used or new books."

I saw this on my Tumblr, I thought I would share because I find it interesting and lovely. 

Assholes Finish First.

Recently, i've been reading about four or five books at a time. they're all too good to stop reading them and be a normal person and just decide to read one at a time. "normal" isn't really a thing that we do in this household. So, my dear four followers, i've decided to share with you the books i'm reading and my opinions on them because, well, this blog is just all about my opinions..isn't it?

Book number one: On the Road, by Jack Kerouac
I've read about 40 pages and can safely say it's a great read. a friend let me borrow it because she said i'm like Mary Lou, and honestly i haven't read enough to even know who Mary Lou is, or if that's an insult or a compliment. And completely truthfully, i'm really only reading it so i can see the movie and not be that bitch who sees the movie and hasn't read the book.

Two: Paint it Black, by Janet Fitch
Paint it Black is about an art model in LA and her boyfriend dies and all this shit goes down with her and his mom. I'm reading it because Janet Fitch's other novel, White Oleander, is hands down my favorite book on the face of the planet. I'm hoping Paint it Black is just as amazing at White Oleander, but so far i haven't been able to tell. She has a great way of writing, her words flow and are almost poetic. Every line could be a famous quote, it's thought provoking and intense. I absolutely love her.

Thweeeee: Holidays on Ice, by (the one and only) David Sedaris 
David Sedaris. There is so much I can say about why I love him. Holidays on Ice is just about as good as it gets. His cynical view of Christmas matches mine, I think if he weren't gay we could be soul mates. My other favorite book by him is When you are Engulfed in Flames. He's just too fucking funny and the weirdest things happen to him. Honestly, he is able to write about when he was hitch hiking and was picked up by a guy who tries to inadvertently ask him for a blowjob. Well, I guess that isn't too rare, seeing as how many people picking up hitch hikers could be perverts or closeted gays. To be frank, I'm in love with Mr. Sedaris. I found out he is coming to the theater in my town a few weeks ago. I tried to contain my excitement. I couldn't.

Last but certainly not the least, we have Assholes Finish First, by the famous douchbag, Tucker Max. 
Tucker Max is one of a kind. Actually, there are probably so many guys exactly like him, but Tucker is the only one i know of who has made a living by being an asshole. There's no other way to say it, he's a blatant asshole. He went to Duke law school and is probably highly intellectual. Assholes Finish First is his second book (I believe) filled with his true stories about all the douchey shit he has done. Let me open up to a random page and give you a few lines:
About a girl he's having sex with who's 18:
"We eventually have sex and it is great- for me, because I cum. Afterward she is still baked and wants to hang out and talk or eat Sour Patch Kids or whatever it is young stoner girls do. I don't. I want to go to sleep. She keeps annoying me.
Tucker: "You need to shut up before I call your parents and tell them that you just fucked a 28 year old"
Girl: 'You know, you don't have a big dick, so I thought you'd make up for it by being good in bed. You aren't good in bed, so I thought you'd make up for it be being a nice person. You aren't a nice person, so I don't think there is any reason for me to hang out with you.'
Tucker: 'AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Awesome! That means you can go. Bye.'
Girl [after a long pause] "Uh...that didn't go the way I intended.'
Tucker: 'It never will. You aren't as smart as me. Just admit defeat and submit."

Yeah, he's a fucking asshole. But hey, that's what America likes, apparently. Guys probably buy his books to live vicariously through his life and pretend they can relate to him, and girls read it either to be like, "EW what an asshole I hate him why would anyone like him he's probably lying and a virgin". Or to laugh hysterically in the middle of class and then get to explain why, which is what I do.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I feel infinite.

Last week I was lucky enough to have two life changing nights in a row. The first night i went and saw Cat Power here in my little town with a few of my buddies. She was beyond fantastic. Her show was amazing and I even got a free t shirt. After waiting in the rain for two hours, but it was still a free shirt. Her songs have so much meaning and soul in them it was outstanding.
The next day I went and saw the Perks of being a Wallflower with my friends. I'm pretty sure I could go on for a few days about how much I loved the movie. I haven't read the book, yet, but I can definitely say I am obsessed. The actors were amazing (and gorgeous) and the story is even more brilliant. Every line could be it's own quote, which is what the people of Tumblr are making it to be. It was inspiring, more than tear jerking, and a thoroughly amazing experience. I sat in bed that night and thought and thought about my own life and my current experience in high school. Not as dramatic as those in the film, but nonetheless, it is a typical "I'm different; high school hates me," experience. I'm having trouble putting into words what I'm thinking. It was seriously amazing. Walking out of the theater with my friends who, I think, have close to the same mindset as me about the movie, I could feel the people staring at us with our mascara smeared down our faces and puffy red eyes. But i don't think any of us really cared about what people were thinking.
My favorite part about this experience was that I have never in my life been more motivated to write. In the movie, Charlie, likes to write and there's the whole story about how his friends want him to write about them. I think if I ever were to become a writer, the first book I would write would be about my high school experience with my closest friends. It is quite the story to be told. I think the way society puts it is that we're the different ones, the artists not the cheerleaders. Even if that is the case, we don't seem to mind because our hearts are in creativity, not mainstream thinking.

“So, I guess we are who we are for alot of reasons. And maybe we'll never know most of them. But even if we don't have the power to choose where we come from, we can still choose where we go from there. We can still do things. And we can try to feel okay about them.” - Charlie, Perks of being a Wallflower 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

fall is here, hear the yell.

once again, fall is coming to upstate new york. it's always the greatest time of the year. it's crispy and chilly and you can bust out the big cardigans and scarves!
the starbucks pumpkin spice lattes are coming back.... therefore most of my money will be spent on those until they go away. Fall is the best because it makes cuddling a thousand times better... especially with a cute boy... literally thinking about it, fall, not the cute boy, gives me shivers. I guess the cute boy gives me shivers too...
hats and scarves and badassmotherfucker leather boots and sweaters and fingerless gloves are in the near future!
It's been a while since I've posted, I think the fall is just exciting me and I want to write about it.